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The stock price of cryptocurrency broker Voyager Digital has increased by 15,300 percent (154-fold) in the last year. It’s difficult to argue that the cryptocurrency brokerage industry isn’t one of the best in the world right now. Coinbase, for example, has risen from near zero to an implied US$68 billion valuation ahead of its highly awaited Nasdaq listing.


Please look at their stock price over the last year, which has increased by a mind-boggling 15,300%. Yes, 15,300 percent, or a 154-fold rise, you read that right. The stock price of Voyager Digital has risen from C$0.20 to C$30.90 in the last year. Oh my goodness! This is what every investor hopes for!


If you had been fortunatee or smart enough to put C$10,000 into Voyager Digital stock a year ago, otcmkts vygvf at  it would now be worth C$1.54 million. It proves that it’s worthwhile to keep an eye on InvestorIntel regularly, as we’ve had a track record of spotting up-and-comers like Voyager Digital.


Voyager Digital is a crypto-asset broker that offers a turnkey solution for trading crypto assets to retail and institutional investors. On a wide range of common crypto assets, Voyager provides the best execution and secure custody. Stephen Ehrlich, Voyager’s co-founder, and CEO said in late 2020, “Voyager’s offering of over 50 digital assets, including 22 interest-bearing assets, is attracting investors.” Investors are gravitating to Voyager’s commission-free, easy-to-use platform as we expand our marketing scope.


See the table below from Voyager Digital’s March 1, 2021 update to get a sense of the exponential development. When it comes to new app users, they increased by a whopping 250,000 in January 2021 and then by another 190,000 in February 2021. Voyager Digitals’ preliminary revenue has risen from US$1.7 million in December 2020 to US$20 million in February 2021, reflecting the rapid increase in new users. AUM increased by a factor of ten to US$1.7 billion in February 2021. As of the end of February 2021, the website had approximately 605,000 confirmed users.


Final thoughts

Voyager Digital is currently experiencing rapid expansion, with a blockbuster start planned for 2021. The figures for platform/app success and stock price performance are staggering, and they’ve only gotten better in recent months. Of course, Bitcoin (BTC) has been in the spotlight and has been steadily growing, fuelled by increased acceptance from some major names, such as Elon Musk of Tesla, who announced a US$1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin in February 2021.

There are risks with any new company, and investors should be aware that the current rise in cryptocurrency popularity might reverse if sentiment shifts.


Looking ahead, if the business will manage to execute and expand at a fast pace, there is still a lot of upside potential. Voyager Digital has a market capitalization of C$4 billion, which is much less than market leader Coinbase (private), which is valued at US$68 billion, or 17 times more. Coinbase, on the other hand, is even larger right now, with 43 million users trading digital assets in over 100 countries.  You can check other stocks such as nyse chpt at

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