Download Music And Video To PSP – Four Easy Steps

You can easily learn how to download music and video to PSP.
The Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) is an amazing device that blends a
hand-held game console, a music and video player, an Internet
browser, and if you install some homebrew programs, your PSP can even become a
PDA and a PDF reader.

Every owner of a PSP is on the lookout for ways to play around and
exploit the possibilities with his PSP, and these include using it as a media
player. This means you want to know how to download music and
video to PSP. Although the PSP is a complex device, downloading playable media
to it is not that hard at all.

First, you need files to download. These can be music and video
files in your CDs or in your PC, or files you can easily download from the
Internet. The problem is making sure the music and video files are in format
your PSP can read and play. So, for you to download music and video to
PSP, you need specific kinds of software. This brings us to the second step.

Second, you need to download from the Internet, and then install and run
in your PC CD ripper and video converter programs. These programs makes sure
that you can rip music and video from your CDs or existing files in your
PC, so you can convert them to files your PSP can read. Just go online
and Google both up and soon you will find WebPages that list links to free
downloads of both CD rippers and video converters. Download the software of your
choice, since there are many online.

Third, run either the CD ripper and video converter to convert either music
or video files you have which are not in PSP format into PSP format. Use
the options available in the CD ripper and video converter to do this. Both
programs are very easy to use. Now you are one step away from trying to
 music and video to PSP.

Fourth, connect your PSP to the PC. Wait for your PC to detect your PSP
as an external storage device. Once this is ok, jus drag and drop your selected
music and video files into your PSP. Just remember that the number of
songs and videos your PSP can hold is limited by the size of the USB memory

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