Is Everything at Health Food Stores Really Good for You?

If you are the type that stalks health food stores in the hopes that you’re going to make healthy discoveries in there in special foods that you couldn’t get anywhere else, how correct would you be in your assumption? Let’s say that you head into a health food store and pick up their fruity yogurt. It’s yogurt, and it has real fruit bits. If that isn’t enough, it comes with your recommended daily intake of vitamins C and calcium. While all of that is just peachy, you do realize that it’s completely stocked up with sugar and fat. Some very smart people fall for the line and buy anything that they sell at health food stores in the hope that you just have to throw money at the whole food problem. The moment we see words like fruit or yogurt, we forget everything else and imagine that there is such a thing as easy healthy food to buy. russian chocolate

Some very smart people can be fooled by the halo effect at health food stores carry. For instance, a survey found out that people coming out of Subway restaurants under-estimated the caloric content of their meals by a quarter. Look at some of the other foods there are at any health food stores whose effects on their health people tend to overestimate. Is there a way you could go wrong with salads for instance? Vegetables are wonderful for your health, and they are completely free of calories, aren’t they? How could anyone go wrong with salads? If all you ever took in a salad were the vegetables and a little seasoning, of course it would not be bad for you. But once you start taking it up with chopped nuts, Gorgonzola cheese and lots of salad dressing, you can easily take in as many calories as say, a couple slices of pizza. Before you go in and order a salad, make sure that there is a nutrition chart that you can look at.

How about granola or a smoothie that you get at health food stores? Surely these are products that have nothing too complicated about them? Smoothies are great for the fruits they contain, of course. The amount of sugar in any health food store smoothie offering tops out at more than 50 grams. It’s for reasons like these that the first lady has put out a statement asking children not go with juice boxes anymore. They are all completely filled up on sugar. And granola has very high in sugar and fat content. If it doesn’t seem that way looking at the calorie count, look more closely at the kind of portion sizes they list them for. Even low-fat granola isn’t safe. It still contains lots of calories.

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